Do you have an automatic enrolment wish list?

03 August 2018

But what problems are you encountering on a day to day basis with the operation and managing an accurate data flow between payroll and your pension provider …or providers if you are a payroll provider, accountant or bookkeeper providing outsourced services to a number of clients.

What issues are you experiencing on a day to day basis – indeed are you experiencing any reoccurring issues that are the cause of inaccurate Automatic Enrolment data submissions. Does this raise concerns for you, for employers and for employees about the impact that errors may have on long-term retirement savings?

The CIPP policy team would very much like to hear from you if you have any experiences that you would like to share and also ask, if you can spare a moment, to consider and respond to the following two questions.

1)      Where do you go to for information and guidance about automatic enrolment?

2)      If you could create a wish list of improvements to workplace pensions what items would that wish list include?

Please respond by email to [email protected] marking your emails for the attention of Jill Smith CIPP policy manager.

Thank you