Details of employers claiming under the CJRS for the period of January 2021 published

26 March 2021

HMRC has updated the list of employers who have claimed through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS).

The spreadsheet, which previously listed the names of all employers who had submitted claims through the CJRS in relation to the period of December 2020 has been amended to include an additional column relating to claims submitted for the period of January 2021. Employers who did not submit claims for December 2020 but did for January 2021 are also now included.

Again, an indication of the amount claimed for each month is provided, within a banded range.

Information regarding claims for the period of February 2021 will be published on 6 May 2021. Additionally, on the same date, the December 2020 and January 2021 claim information will be amended where necessary to reflect any changes or repayments made.

Employers can request that HMRC refrains from publishing their CJRS claim details but need to be able to demonstrate how the publication of their name would result in serious risk of violence or intimidation to them, or anyone living with them, or to any individual associated with their business or someone in their household. Further guidance is available here.