Diamond Payroll Giving Quality Mark announced

15 May 2017

The Association of Payroll Giving Associations (APGO) has announced a change to the Payroll Giving Quality Mark, which will make these prestigious awards an even bigger and better driving force for employers to recognise their employees who give regularly to charity.

Payroll Giving turned 30 in April, so to celebrate, the APGO is launching a Diamond Payroll Giving Quality Mark, available from 2018, to all those companies who have 30% or more employees giving from their pay. The award is truly something to strive for and those achieving it will be the first to proudly display the new Diamond logo. A number of companies are not far off already.

The APGO has also decided to simplify the criteria around the other Quality Mark awards, to encourage even more employers to put themselves forward for recognition, and actively drive the uptake of Payroll Giving within their company.

The Diamond Award will be officially unveiled at this year’s National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards in November.

Further information about the awards can be found here.