Four-day week pilot – half way point

21 September 2022

4 Day Week Global has conducted research at the half way point of a six month trial, where more than 70 companies are testing a four day work week.

41 companies responded to the survey which asked a series of questions with multi-choice answers on a scale of one to five. Some key insights from the results are:

  • 88% of respondents feel a four-day week is going “well”
  • When asked about productivity levels, 46% of respondents say they have been maintained, 34% feedback there has been a slight improvement and 15% state it has “improved significantly”
  • With five being “extremely smooth” and one being “extremely challenging”, 98% of respondents selected 3 or above
  • 86% of respondents are “likely” or “extremely likely” to continue the four-day week after the trial.

No doubt we will receive a much more comprehensive review after the full six-month trial is over, but these initial thoughts look positive for the future of the four-day week. The pandemic has brought with it a huge shift in the way we work, perhaps the four-day week is the next step that businesses need to be aware of.

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