27 July 2023

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has released a policy paper detailing the professional standards expected of their employees when undertaking compliance work.

Written to closely align with HMRC’s Charter, the standards have four key headings:

  1. Getting things right
  2. Being aware of our customers’ situation
  3. Being responsive - communicating with customers
  4. Treating customers fairly.

Each heading has six points on how that objective will be achieved. In addition, there is also a quote for how compliance staff are expected to operate:

“I am accountable for the professionalism and accuracy of my work. I act in accordance with the HMRC and Civil Service values to help me deliver my commitments under the HMRC Charter.”

For those who encounter compliance activity, this will apply a level of accountability for the staff conducting it and allow avenues for complaint should they the standards not be met. The CIPP are pleased to see an ongoing commitment to the Charter in more areas of HMRC.

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