HMRC reminds customers to update them of any changes to circumstances or income, for the purposes of Tax Credits

01 July 2020

HMRC has published a reminder to its tax credits customers to ensure that they remember to provide details of any changes to their circumstances, or income by 31 July 2020.

Tax credits are designed to assist working families financially, and so the reminder has been issued to ensure that people don’t miss out on the money that they are rightfully entitled to.

Customers can renew tax credits online, and can log onto Gov.UK to track the progress of the renewal, check that it has been processed and also establish when they will hear back from HMRC.

The majority of tax credit awards will be renewed automatically in 2020, but for those who are self-employed, who receive taxable social security benefit, or those with any other income, they may need to assess their total household income, and advise HMRC if the figures held are not correct.

Customers who must respond to the annual review pack have until 31 July to do this, otherwise their payments will stop.

Angela Mcdonald, HMRC’s Director General for Customer Services, stated:

“During these uncertain times, while the UK comes together to combat COVID-19, tax credits payments are a vital source of support for millions of people and their families.

If you have been contacted by HMRC to provide your income details, I urge you to contact the department before 31 July.

Don’t leave it too late, get in touch and make sure the information we hold is correct.”

In scenarios where HMRC holds incomplete or incorrect information, customers may be required to pay back any tax credits that they have been overpaid, and potentially even pay a penalty.

It is recommended that customers utilise the HMRC app on their Smartphone, in order to:

  • Renew tax credits
  • Check their tax credits payments schedule
  • Establish how much they have earned for the year

As always, HMRC has warned customers to be vigilant as there could be a number of scams that take advantage of tax credits renewals. These scams can circulate via text, email or phone and often pledge to provide fake support. The scams frequently mimic HMRC messages in order to make them look more realistic.

If anyone receives a text, email or call claiming to be from HMRC stating that a customer can renew a tax credits award or access financial help and asks for credit card or bank details, it is highly likely that this is a scam.


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