Labour plans to transform the workplace

02 May 2017

The Labour party’s plan includes giving ‘all’ workers the same rights at work from day one and doubling paid paternity leave.

According to the report from Politics Home, ‘all’ workers incudes part-time and temporary staff.

Initiatives under Labour’s 20 point plan include banning zero-hours contracts and unpaid internships.

Labour has also promised to scrap the 1% cap on NHS staff’s pay rises. Public sector staff had their pay frozen for two years from 2010 and then had pay rises capped at 1% in every year since 2012.

Previous reports have said that a Labour pay rise for public sector staff could be financed by an increase in corporation tax and restoring the 50p top rate of income tax.


CIPP comment

We await the publication of all party political manifestos to see exactly what changes could be a reality, all dependant of course on which new government takes the reigns from 8 June.