NEST encourages members to access their online accounts

16 November 2020

NEST, the workplace pension scheme established by the government, has made a video available for use by members wishing to log in to their online account.

NEST members have an online pension account that they can access regardless of where they are, and that they can log in to at any time. NEST encourages savers to use their account to make the most of being members of NEST.

There is also a video which gives an overview of the dashboard that is available for those wishing to bring their pensions together, or for anyone who simply wants to check that their savings are on track. The dashboard allows members to manage their NEST pension online.

The CIPP represents its members at NEST panel meetings and would like to provide answers to some of the questions raised at those sessions. They are as follows:

  • How has your business been affected generally, including staff implications?
  • Has it recovered since the first lockdown and if so, how well?
  • How are the further lockdowns affecting you now?
  • Has the way you conduct business changed?
  • What are your hopes and thoughts for the future?
  • Have staff been back to offices or are they still working from home?
  • What has been the impact on pensions - employer and staff contributions?

All answers should be sent to [email protected], and in advance of receiving responses, we would like to thank you for taking the time to send your feedback.


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