Are you working on your narrative for your gender pay gap report?

08 March 2018

Do you have your gender pay gap results ready but need some inspiration to put together your ‘story’ for your written statement? The CIPP has a webinar which is free to members which aims to help you help you write a positive, qualitative narrative to support your organisation’s results.

The CIPP and CIPD have worked together to produce this webinar which is available to all CIPP and CIPD members free of charge. It covers six key areas:

  • What does your data tell you?
  • Why is there a gap?
  • How will you address the gap?
  • If you are unable to address the gap due to mitigating circumstances, what is the rationale?
  • When will you address the gap?
  • How will you measure progress?

Visit My CIPP on our website to view the CIPP/CIPD webinar.


Should you require more support and information relating to Gender Pay Gap reporting, the CIPP also provides: