Off-Payroll working factsheet available

10 March 2021

HMRC has produced a handy factsheet on the off-payroll working reforms that take effect from 6 April 2021.

In addition to the factsheet:

  • A briefing has been produced outlining how HMRC will support affected organisations to comply with their responsibilities under the rules, and how it will intervene if customers deliberately don’t comply.
  • Alongside last week’s budget, updates to HMRC’s technical guidance on the reform were published. It has also been updated in response to stakeholder feedback, and includes further details on when a Status Determination Statement (SDS) should be issued, payroll processes and calculating statutory payment entitlements. Guidance can be found on GOV.UK at ESM10000
  • HMRC has continued with their programme of education and support for organisations and individuals. As well as a schedule of webinars, HMRC may also invite affected organisations to a workshop or one-to-one advice call. Details of the help and support that is being provided is on GOV.UK . The information includes new dates for webinars, so far running up to May 2021. 
OPW Factsheet.pdf

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