The online repayment service for Student Loans is now live

09 July 2020

The online repayment service for Student Loans has been launched on Gov.UK, which will allow individuals to perform a variety of tasks in relation to their loans, in a quick and simple fashion.

The service will offer the functionality to:

  • View and print copies of annual statements
  • View up-to-date balance summaries for the current tax year
  • Establish the interest rates attached to any student loans
  • Update any personal details that need amending

In order to access their account, individuals will need their customer reference number and password. No action needs to be taken at this point in time, but the Student Finance Team wanted to make customers aware that the service is now available, and ready to use.

Annual paper statements distributed by post will be stopped, because real-time balances can be located online. However, if for any reason, anyone would still prefer to receive that paper statement then they can request this here.


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