08 March 2024

New Paternity Leave rules will apply from April 2024, you can read more about the changes here on our other news article.

However, there is a small chance that an unusual situation could catch you out if you are not prepared, even though it is seemingly very unlikely.

The new legislation has become active on 8 March 2024 in order for the new four week notice period for leave to be effective from 7 April 2024 in the cases of birth, or 6 April for adoption.

Should a new parent be eligible to take two separate periods of leave under the new legislation, as their expected date of birth falls after 6 April 2024, but the newborn is premature, they will still be able to take those two separate periods and can now take them within March 2024. If this were to happen, you must be aware that only one period can be reclaimed before 6 April 2024, as HM Revenue and Customs’ systems will not be updated to accept the second periods reclaim value until after this date.

The reclaim for this statutory payment must then be completed after the payroll year end.  

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