Relaunch of HMRC’s Dedicated Agent Line

11 June 2021

HMRC has confirmed that it is relaunching its Agent Dedicated Line. A prioritised support service is due to be trialled from Monday 14 June 2021, and the aim is that calls to this line will be answered within ten minutes.

The line will be open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 am and 6pm. The contact number is 0300 200 3311. HMRC requests that agents stagger their calls throughout the day as opposed to phoning as soon as the helpline opens, to help it to maintain high levels of customer service.

Agents are reminded of several digital services that are available that may answer queries without any requirement to call the Agent Dedicated Line. They are as follows:

If an agent can obtain information from their client, they should do so. Similarly, where there is a digital service available in relation to queries, they should use this route. Phone support will not be offered in relation to these services unless there is a situation in which an agent needs support to get them back online.

HMRC is undertaking work to enhance more digital services for agents. Examples include:

  • Forms processing – HMRC is examining ways in which claims can be processed more efficiently
  • Agent authorisation process – HMRC is exploring how the agent client authorisation process can be streamlined
  • Agent Income Record Viewer – An Agent Income Record Viewer service has been developed, which provides agents with the pay and tax details, employment history and tax code details of their clients


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