Tax agents - cyber security questions to ask your IT Provider

08 June 2018

With the recent introduction of General Data Protection Regulation, many businesses will have been speaking with their IT provider about protecting their customers’ data.

HMRC is running a webinar which aims to promote that ongoing security conversation between tax agents and their IT providers, by providing you a challenging set of questions to ask across a range of cyber security topics.

HMRC will provide you with questions in 5 topics areas:

  • network defence

  • securing software and devices

  • access control

  • malware protection

  • being prepared more for when these fail.


These will be presented in two formats, 20 introductory-level questions to steer an open discussion, or 50 more specific, leading technical questions designed to challenge.

Both formats will be available for download in the webinar, and HMRC will provide an overview and Q and A.

Book your place - 14 June 2018, midday to 1pm.