Tax Agents Toolkits – checklist, training aid or refresh

03 May 2018

HMRC has 20 online Tax Agents toolkits which have been created with input from agents and their representatives, including the Compliance Reform Forum, to help your clients avoid errors in their returns.

The content is based on HMRC’s view of how tax law should be applied. Each toolkit focuses on errors HMRC regularly comes across. They don’t cover all types of error that can occur in any return. For areas not covered by the toolkits, you should refer to the relevant HMRC guidance.

The toolkits are updated each year to reflect any changes coming in from the relevant Finance Act. They contain:

  • A checklist to help identify the key areas errors often occur
  • Explanatory notes which identify the underlying types of error, how to avoid them and a brief outline of the tax treatment
  • Links to relevant online guidance

The Tax Agents toolkits are designed not only to help you submit returns but also to help you and your clients take reasonable care. The toolkits cover a range of subjects:

  • Capital Gains Tax Toolkits
  • Companies Toolkits
  • Employer Toolkits
  • Toolkits for individuals
  • Property rental Toolkit
  • VAT Toolkits
  • Trusts and estates Toolkits

The toolkits can also help keep you up to date with tax legislation, guidance and used as either a straightforward checklist or training aid.

Add Tax Agents Toolkits to your shortcuts - you never know when it may come in handy.