Case study - ActivPayroll - Payroll Technician Certificate

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The CIPP is committed to providing industry-leading education products and services to enable payroll professionals at all levels the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills. One qualification we provide is our Payroll Technician Certificate (PTC), which allows those with little payroll experience or who are new to the industry to begin to develop and formalise their payroll knowledge.

Our course is highly regarded throughout the payroll industry. One example of this is from activpayroll's Dubai based team, who recently completed our PTC certification. We spoke to their Payroll operations manager, Kimberly Morrison, who shared her thoughts from her and her team, who completed the PTC recently.

When asked, "Why was it important for your team in Dubai to complete the Payroll Technician Certificate?" Kimberly responded, "to gain an all-round knowledge of UK payroll rather than depending on the Payroll engine and experienced colleagues in the team." Showing that our online certificate can be accessed and helpful from anywhere in the world. 

Kimberly came across the qualification for the first time when herself and the company team located in Aberdeen, UK, completed the certification. After completion, Kimberly thought it would be a great opportunity to improve the team members' competency levels in our Middle East office. She hoped that the course would provide the team with a lot more knowledge on the UK legislation for all Statutory payments and deductions. 

When we asked Kimberly, "why is it important for activpayroll to ensure that their employees are trained to a high standard?" she responded with "By improving our employees' competency levels, we are reinforcing the message that the employees are the company and they are critical to the success of the organisation." We are also providing them the necessary tools with which they can deliver a top-class service to our customers. Due to Kimberly completing the course previously with other colleagues, she knows the benefits it will bring to her team by enrolling them on the certificate. She wants to give activpayroll's customers the best experience possible and will be doing that now the team have completed the CIPP's PTC.

She also added that the team found the qualification "tough, but enjoyable and raised a lot of debate amongst the team." Any qualification will have its challenges, but our highly qualified CIPP tutors will be with you every step of the way when completing our Payroll Technician Certificate. 

Finally, Kimberly was asked, "What would your advice be to others who were thinking of completing the PTC remotely?" She responded by saying, "Make sure you are completing it in a quiet time of the payroll month and in a place, you can concentrate at a high level, also ensuring the flexibility of the course being taught for different time zones."

So, what are you waiting for? Enrol onto the CIPP's Payroll Technician Certificate today and receive the knowledge required to enable you to efficiently and accurately handle the variety of issues encountered when processing payroll. 

*Please note that ActivPayroll studied the Face to Face option of the PTC.