Membership FAQs

Do I have to be a member of the CIPP to enrol/book a training course or event?

No, and students receive student membership of the CIPP for the duration of their studies.

Do I have to be qualified to become a member of CIPP?

No you do not need to have a qualification to become a member, the CIPP has different grades of membership and there is an opportunity for members to move through all grades during the course of their career.

How many times is Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward magazine distributed in a year?

Currently there are ten issues a year, one per month with the July / August and December / January issues combined.

I didn't receive this month's magazine, how do I get another sent out to me?

Email with your membership number and state which month it is you've not received and we will look into this for you. You can also access every issue of Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward magazine in the members area of the website.

I haven't been receiving the News On Line: is there a problem with my email address?

It is important that you keep your details up to date so that the correct email address is being used, to verify this and to let CIPP know you are not receiving News On Line please email

We are interested in joining the CIPP, can you provide me with materials and identify the easiest way I can go about the process.

A membership pack can be sent to you by emailing with your address or alternatively we can send an electronic pack to you via email.

Whats the difference between the entry levels of membership: affiliate and associate

Affiliate: entry level open to anyone connected to the profession but not necessarily working in payroll, pensions or reward. Associate: entry level of membership open to experienced or qualified professionals in payroll, pensions or reward. Individuals must spend at least 50% of their time working in payroll, pensions and/or reward and meet one of the following: Evidence of one year's experience in the profession and CPD. Qualified to level three or four in payroll, pensions or reward.

How do I get hold of a copy of your prospectus?

A hard copy can be sent to you by emailing your address to or alternatively we can send a copy to you via email. The CIPP prospectus is also available on our website.

How do I update my email address and contact details?

This can be done by going to the 'My CIPP' section of the website and going to the 'update details' tab.

Question not listed?

If you have a membership question that isn't listed above, please call 0121 712 1073, email or use our contact form below.

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