19 September 2022 to be bank holiday

12 September 2022

It has been announced that 19 September 2022 will be a bank holiday to mark the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

There are some important considerations to make for payroll professionals when an additional bank holiday is added to the year. This year also saw the additional bank holiday for the platinum Jubilee, bringing the total number of bank holidays up to ten.

Annual leave

Many employees will be wondering if they are entitled to the day off and if it is included in their annual leave entitlement. This will depend on the wording of the relevant agreement; this is usually the contract of employment but may be an employee handbook or similar.

Wording such as “20 days plus bank holidays” would encompass the additional days as the number of bank holidays is not specified. “28 days, inclusive of bank holidays” would therefore not encompass the additional days. Going above and beyond is a decision for each individual business.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has released guidance for the mourning period for businesses to follow. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s press release concerning the bank holiday stated “they expect employers to respond sensitively to requests” for time off.

Employer Payment Summary (EPS) filing

Businesses must also consider the impact on HMRC reporting timelines. As of yet, no alternative arrangements for EPS filing requirements have been confirmed. We must therefore prepare to ensure these are completed by the last working day before 19 September, this will be 16 September 2022.

Bacs deadlines

Any business with mid-month payment deadlines may also need to be aware of Bacs deadlines for paying employees. If accommodations cannot be made in the short timeframe available, it would be advisable to send communications out to those affected.

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