45% of EU nationals plan to stay in the UK

10 October 2017

KPMG poses the question of what the 2.4 million Europeans living and working in the UK will do as Brexit approaches. The answer could have major implications for individuals and employers across the UK, said KPMG, so they conducted a survey to find out.

KPMG asked 2,000 EU nationals in the UK whether they intended to stay and the reasons behind their decision. They also quizzed them – and 1,000 other people inside the EU – for their views on the UK to understand what Brexit could mean for immigration flows in the future.

  • Almost half of EU nationals in the UK (45%) plan to stay, 8% say they plan to leave and another 35% are thinking about it

  • Younger, better qualified and higher-paid people – the ‘INDEYs’ – are more likely to be considering leaving, risking a brain drain

  • The UK is now seen as a less attractive place to live, although still desirable for two thirds of EU citizens in their home countries

  • A perception that British society has changed is the main reason people are thinking about leaving. Half of those surveyed in the UK said they felt less valued and welcomed here


Read KPMG’s full report - The Brexit effect on EU nationals. Also available is a snapshot infographic of the survey results.