Bah Humbug or Ho Ho Ho?

19 December 2018

Our final festive ‘light-hearted’ poll asked ‘What personality type is your employer at Christmas?’. We gave a number of answer options that ranged from the miserly ‘Scrooge’ approach to the generous ‘Father Christmas’ one and it would appear that as 2018 draws to a close, many employees perceived their employers to be both.

With a slight majority, 33% cited their employer as being akin to Scrooge which provides a reminder to the employer that we may not be seen by others as we see ourselves. However, this was followed closely by 31% referring to their employer as Father Christmas.

The Grinch was next in the pecking order at 18% followed by The Snowman employer coming in at 8%. Level pegging finished off the poll results with 5% of respondents seeing their employers as a Naughty Elf and 5% as Bob Cratchit.

As with all our polls, it is only a snapshot in time, from a certain number of people, and from unknown industries as the poll is in an unrestricted area of our website. However, results can help provide an indication of a trend at a certain time or identify areas that may be of an issue – or in this instance maybe just a feeling at a certain time of year.


Merry Christmas to one and all and may 2019 be a less taxing year than its predecessor.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”  (Martin Luther King, Jr.)