BBC announce major reviews into equal pay and gender pay gap

08 September 2017

The BBC has outlined three wide-ranging reviews into equal pay following a furore over its star salaries this summer.

Director general Tony Hall has commissioned a report on the gender pay gap among staff and a separate audit covering other aspects of equal pay.

The separate equal pay audit will be carried out by law firm Eversheds and accountants PwC, and will examine UK-based staff.

When the star salaries were published in July, it was revealed that 35% of those earning more than £150,000 a year were women.

According to BBC News when Lord Hall spoke to staff about the announcements he said the BBC report on gender pay would cover the whole corporation and be independently audited. He also said it would make sure that where there are differences in pay, they are justified and if it throws up issues, they will be dealt with immediately. He added that they would of course be looking at pay, but also representation.

The BBC has set really ambitious targets - not just on gender, but on diversity more broadly and Lord Hall has promised that the reviews of on-air talent will focus on presenters, editors and correspondents in BBC News and radio reviews are just the start, changes will be seen over the coming months and he is determined to close the gender pay gap.