Call for employers to take more responsibility for ethnicity pay gap

03 October 2019

The issue of discrimination in relation to pay is a prevalent one within contemporary society. The problem of discriminatory pay prompted the development and widespread deployment of gender pay gap reporting back in 2017.


Now, industry experts are proposing that a similar motion be actioned in relation to the issue of discrepancies in pay among different ethnicities and races. Speaking to People Management, Sandra Kerr, for Business in The Community, explained that “we need to encourage all employers to hold themselves accountable” in relation to transparency surrounding the ethnicity pay gap.


The statistics show that, of employers signed up to the Race at Work Charter, over half of them tracked ethnicity in relation to pay but only 31% of those actually released the  data collated relating to the pay gap, showing a reluctance to reveal the full extent of the issue.


Data published by the Office for National Statistics enforces these ideas about the existence of a gender pay gap as the findings highlighted that white workers earned 9.2% more then black British or black African or Caribbean workers in 2018.


Read  The CIPP’s response to the Ethnicity Pay Report consultancy, submitted in October 2019.



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