Company Tax Unique Tax Reference (UTR)

09 July 2018

Every year HMRC receives a large number of phone calls from agents and companies asking for the Company Tax UTR. For security reasons HMRC is unable to provide this information over the telephone.

Having a UTR ensures you and your clients can do business with HMRC, including signing up for its online services and filing a tax return. However, dealing with these calls takes time and resource. For security reasons we are unable to provide this information over the telephone.

HMRC issues a UTR to all new companies on registration. In the future, if your clients register at Companies House using Register your company, Register online, Register Now’, they will also be able to see their UTR online once the registration details have been passed to HMRC.

It is important the UTR is kept secure and is quoted every time you contact HMRC. Please ask your clients to pass their UTR to you and to keep a note of it themselves. If your clients lose their UTR and have registered for online services, they can find it in their Business Tax Account. Alternatively, the UTR can be found on form CT41G or other letters HMRC has sent them.

This information was highlighted in HMRC’s recent Agent Update 66