Some employers changing ID to avoid workplace pension duties

22 July 2019


Employers across the UK that try to dodge their workplace pension duties by changing their identity are being hunted by The Pensions Regulator (TPR).


TPR has become aware of a number of employers that appear to have tried to conceal their failure to comply with the law by hiding behind a new name.


TPR investigators are now working with their counterparts at the Insolvency Service and other agencies to take action against offenders that try to use this ploy. Among the offences that may have been committed are fraud, theft and willfully failing to comply with the automatic enrolment laws.


A number of investigations are now ongoing in cases involving scores of employees who have been denied the pensions they are entitled to.


The vast majority of employers comply with their workplace pension duties, automatically enrolling eligible employees into a scheme and paying the correct level of pension contributions on their behalf.


However, TPR believes those running a small minority of employers could be trying to hide their non-compliance with the law by opening new businesses, transferring their workforce across and then dissolving the original businesses.


The suspicion is that by changing the name, those involved hope to avoid having to pay the pension contributions due.


Investigators are also looking into whether rogue advisers could be suggesting to employers that they use the tactic to avoid their duties.


TPR is currently carrying out short-notice inspections on employers across the UK that are suspected of breaching their automatic enrolment duties.


Anyone who suspects an employer is denying its workers the pensions they are entitled to should email [email protected] so it can be investigated.