Expenses and Benefits Toolkit for Agents

12 April 2019


HMRC has updated the Agent toolkit for ‘Expenses and benefits from employment’ for employer end of year forms 2018-19 and for record keeping 2019-20.


The Expenses and benefits from employment toolkit is to help if you’re a tax agent or adviser who has clients with employer’s end of year forms – including P11D, P11D(b) and P9D for (2015-16 and earlier years).


The toolkit may also be of use to employers or anyone who is completing these forms. It may also be of use to tax agents and advisers who do not complete their clients' end of year employer forms but wish to use it as a source of reference when advising their clients on expenses and benefits from employment matters. 


CIPP training course

The CIPP run a full day training course on P11D, expenses and benefits.