HMRC launches new online customer forum

31 October 2019

HMRC has announced that there is now an online customer forum where individuals can raise questions and expect to receive responses from some of the experts at HMRC.

Users will have access to features such as a Knowledge Base, which includes Frequently Asked Questions around a multitude of topics, with the aim of assisting individuals on various tax matters. There is also a new section called “PAYE and Payroll for Employers”.

The message from HMRC is that it encourages people to register so that they can post questions, as this can only be done once they have set up a profile.  

HMRC advises that the aims of the forum are to:

  • Provide HMRC with early identification of issues that are affecting employers, so that these can be progressed and resolved more quickly and help employers meet their obligations
  • Share thoughts, issues and concerns on new and current HMRC processes, policies and strategies with their peers, so that they can agree how potential changes may affect them
  • Quickly identify and recognise common errors and processing glitches, so they can be reviewed and investigated
  • Enable members to raise, discuss and possibly resolve potential issues with each other by sharing best practice or experience

There is guidance on how to register for the forums here.

 CIPP comment

As valued members of the CIPP, we would appreciate any feedback you have around layout, accessibility and content of HMRC’s new online customer forum. If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to contact the Policy team.



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