Pointless tasks take up valuable working time

21 June 2019


A study of 2,000 workers found typically that more than two hours are a day are spent doing admin, paperwork and attending meetings when they could be getting on with more important jobs.


That equates to a staggering 76 working days across a 48-week year, assuming workers take four weeks annual leave.


Key findings include:


  • at least 26 minutes of every seven-and-a-half-hour day is spent working out how to use old or failing technology (44 per cent of workers claim their company’s tech is ‘woefully outdated’)

  • half an hour a day is spent attending meetings which could be done in a fraction of the time

  • time-consuming conversations with colleagues and clients take 34 minutes a day

  • completing unnecessary paperwork dominates 29 minutes of the day

  • 24 minutes is spent on processes such as claiming expenses


Adam Reynolds, CEO and spokesman for expense management company Webexpenses, which carried out the study, said:


“Activities such as claiming expenses, processing invoices and auditing shouldn’t take much time at all, and yet for many businesses stuck in the dark ages, they are.


As this study found, workers feel the brunt of a business which isn’t set up efficiently, as they spend hours and hours on tasks which could be done in half the time.


Workers are understandably frustrated that they are unable to carry out the jobs they are being paid to do, as they are spending too much time on pointless processes.”



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