The majority of employers did not offer employees any additional perks over the festive period

13 January 2021

Prior to the Christmas break, the CIPP’s Policy and Research team wanted to ask if employers were offering their staff any additional benefits over the festive period, and so we posted a Quick Poll on News Online to assess this.

The poll attracted an impressive level of responses, which highlighted the fact that the majority (48%) of employers did not provide anything additional for employees ahead of Christmas. This may be because coronavirus has had such a monumental impact on businesses that they simply could not afford to give staff anything extra, but there could be a variety of reasons as to why a business would not provide any additional benefits to employees prior to the festive break.

The remaining results showed that some employers did opt to grant staff extra benefits in relation to Christmas. 26% of respondents indicated that their employer had provided them with a gift, and 10% were lucky enough to receive a Christmas bonus.

Due to the lockdown restrictions in place designed to curb the spread of coronavirus, companies were not able to offer traditional face-to-face Christmas parties, but 10% of respondents confirmed that their employer had actually hosted a virtual Christmas party in its place. 6% of the responses provided were for ‘Other’, although what those other elements are is unknown.


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