Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) ends for those who are shielding due to COVID-19

03 August 2020

From the 1 August 2020, employees who previously were entitled to SSP on the grounds that they were shielding will cease.

During the peak of the pandemic, those employees who were at greater risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus were advised by health professionals and the government to ‘shield’ themselves, which meant that many were unable to work and had to stay at home. For those who this applied, legislation was amended so that employers could process SSP for this period with ‘shielding’ being a valid reason for SSP if an employee was unable to work from home.

Shielding has now been paused and therefore guidance for employees who fall into this category has been amended, which means:

  • They do not need to follow previous shielding advice
  • Employees can go to work as long as the workplace is Covid-secure, but should carry on working from home wherever possible.
  • Employees should continue to wash hands carefully and more frequently than usual and that frequently touched areas in your home and/or workspace are maintained by thorough cleaning
As of 1 August, shielding employees are no longer eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) based on being advised to shield by the government. Employers should aid the transition back to work safely and support employees in maintaining good hand hygiene and distancing practice in the workplace if employees are unable to work from home and are required to return to the office

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