Change to online right to work checks

28 January 2019

The Right to Work Checking Service, which is secure and free to use, was launched in April 2018, however until mid-December 2018 employers still needed to request paper documents alongside using the service.

Changes to the online service mean that employers can use it to demonstrate they conducted the necessary right to work checks on migrants and avoid a penalty if they are found to be employing illegal workers.

This is another step that is being taken to simplify and modernise the immigration system. The online Right to Work Checking Service makes the checks simpler for employers and provides greater security as they no longer need to rely on physical documents when checking migrants’ status, further reducing the risk of forged documents being presented.


The Home Office Right to Work Checking Service is available on GOV.UK and gives employers access to up-to-date, real-time information about migrants’ right to work. Individuals will be able to authorise their current or prospective employer to see information about their immigration status to conduct the check and will be able to see exactly what information will be shared.

The service is voluntary for employers and individuals. Migrants may demonstrate their right to work using either the existing document checking service or the online checking service.

The changes also make it simpler for UK nationals without British passports to demonstrate their citizenship by enabling them to use short birth or adoption certificates, which they can get for free, instead of the long versions.


Further information regarding Foreign nationals working in the UK can be found on GOV.UK.